Cumulative Results From NGT Sessions for Priority Topics

TopicDescriptionTotal Points
SepsisIV fluids, management, and guidelines (nonneonatal population)65
Diabetic ketoacidosisFluid and medication management61
Respiratory failure or supportWhich support to use; indications for intubation46
Bronchiolitis and/or RSVScoring system; indications for high-flow nasal cannula45
Oxygen modalitiesHigh-flow nasal cannula versus noninvasive positive-pressure ventilation34
AsthmaScoring, choice of systemic steroid31
Pediatric assessment (scoring)Implementation and use of a scoring system31
Pediatric traumaHead trauma, appropriate imaging, motor vehicle collisions27
Transfer guidelinesHow to prepare a patient for interfacility transfer22
IntubationIndications for intubation, managing intubated patients, vasopressors, continuous infusions20
Neonatal abstinence syndromeExposure-dependent medication choices and doses18
Cardiac issues and/or complicationsIdentifying disorders, treatment, transfer, and/or secondary cardiac issues18
Febrile illnessEvaluation in newborn and pediatric patients, indications for lumbar puncture17
Overdose or ingestionExposure-dependent treatment, including antidotes and dosing16
SkillsMedical and/or procedural, family and/or parent interaction, distraction, role of child life16
Gastroenteritis or dehydrationHydration techniques; when to order Clostridium difficile testing14
ED stabilizationStabilizing critically ill patients before transfer14
Mental healthStabilization procedures, community resources13
Real-time videosSymptom recognition; desire for skills training13
Opioid exposureIntentional and accidental; medication choices, including antidotes and dosing12
ShockAssessment, medications, management10