Direct and Indirect Medical Costs for OPAT and Oral Antimicrobial Therapy

CharacteristicOral Therapy (n = 123)OPAT (n = 89)P
Days of missed school or day care, median (IQR)5.00 (2.00–14.0)13.5 (7.00–30.0).019
Attended school or day care with PICC and/or a catheter in place, n (%)N/A25 (28.1)N/A
Hours caregiver missed of work, median (IQR)30.0 (16.0–48.0)60.0 (32.0–120).020
Total min per day spent administering antimicrobial agents, median (IQR)6.00 (3.00–10.0)90.0 (32.5–210)<.001
Out-of-pocket expenses, $, median (IQR)350 (145–1115)685 (270–2910).212
  • IQR, interquartile range; N/A, not applicable.