Results of Multivariate Models for Primary Sleep Outcomes

Sleep OutcomeVariableLevel or TypeReferenceEffect95% CIP
Total No. awakeningsInsurancePrivateMedicaid0.920.64 to 1.32.65
TricareMedicaid0.850.37 to 1.95.70
CCTaScore (≤12.5)Unit increment1.11.02 to 1.19.01
Score (>12.5)Unit increment0.830.67 to 1.03.10
RaceAAAll other1.310.88 to 1.93.18
WhiteAll other0.960.67 to 1.38.83
Clock time asleepBefore 22:00Other times0.870.58 to 1.31.51
After 23:00Other times0.620.4 to 0.98.039
Total arousal time (min)InsurancePrivateMedicaid0.690.31 to 1.51.34
TricareMedicaid0.260.07 to 0.92.038
CCTbScoreUnit increment1.080.99 to 1.19.09
RaceAAAll other2.070.55 to 7.75.27
WhiteAll other1.360.4 to 4.68.62
Type of foodSnackNone0.410.15 to 1.11.08
MealNone1.170.42 to 3.24.76
Caffeine d of enrollmentYesNo0.380.14 to 0.99.047
Clock time asleepBefore 22:00Other times1.000.38 to 2.62.99
After 23:00Other times0.960.34 to 2.73.94
Total sleep time (min)InsurancePrivateMedicaid51.701.1 to 103.4.046
TricareMedicaid51.70−35.2 to 137.5.24
CCTbScoreUnit increment−0.59−6.31 to 5.13.84
RaceAAAll other−40.70−117.7 to 36.3.30
WhiteAll other27.50−44 to 97.9.45
Eat after 21:00YesNo−37.40−90.2 to 14.3.15
Clock time asleepBefore 22:00Other times11.00−49.5 to 72.6.71
After 23:00Other times−78.10−140.8 to −15.4.02
Total bedtime (min)InsurancePrivateMedicaid35.20−20.9 to 90.2.21
TricareMedicaid−8.32−105.27 to 88.63.86
CCTbScoreUnit increment1.02−5.34 to 7.39.75
RaceAAAll other16.50−71.5 to 104.5.71
WhiteAll other−7.57−95.15 to 80.02.86
Eat after 21:00YesNo−45.10−100.1 to 9.9.11
Sleep difficulties at homeYesNo48.40−12.1 to 107.8.12
Clock time asleepBefore 22:00Other times−9.45−78.8 to 59.91.78
After 23:00Other times−138.00−205 to −71.0002
  • CI, confidence interval.

  • a Estimated relative risk for a 1-U change in patients with a CCT score ≤12.5 and >12.5.

  • b Estimated change on the sleep outcome mean for a 1-U change in patients with CCT score.