General and Inpatient-Specific Barriers to Initiating a Contraceptive Method

Agree, %
General barriers (n = 219)a
 I have insufficient training or experience65.8
 I do not see enough AYAs with reproductive health issues to maintain my skills in this area65.8
 Not enough time40.6
 I am unfamiliar with different types of contraceptive methods39.3
 Not applicable to my field of medicine31.8
 My practice is not set up for confidential services31.5
 I am not comfortable prescribing due to personal beliefs4.6
Inpatient barriers (n = 271)b
 I’m concerned about follow-up after discharge43.9
 I’m not comfortable myself but would be if another physician initiates a contraceptive method29.2
 I’m concerned about the ability to maintain patient’s confidentiality in the hospital23.6
 I’m a subspecialist, the primary care physician should initiate a contraceptive method21.8
 I’m concerned about interference with the treatment plan20.7
  • a The Likert response scale ranged from 1 (strongly disagree) to 4 (strongly agree); percent values shown above include the proportion of individuals who somewhat or strongly agreed.

  • b Responses were coded as the percentage of providers who agreed with the given statement.