Number and Percentage of Units Reporting a Standardized Protocol in Each Domain

Does Your Unit Have a Standardized Protocol Specific to the Following Domains?NICUNon-ICU
No. Units (n = 48)Units, % (95% CI)No. Units (n = 14)Units, % (95% CI)
Screening for maternal substances3879 (66–88)964 (39–84)
Nonpharmacologic treatment3879 (66–88)1179 (52–92)
NOWS scoring4798 (89–100)1286 (60–96)
Breastfeeding for infants with in utero opioid exposure4390 (78–95)1179 (52–92)
Duration of observation for infants with in utero opioid exposure4185 (73–93)1286 (60–96)
Pharmacologic treatment of NOWSa4492 (80–97)964 (39–84)
Weaning of pharmacologic therapya4594 (83–98)964 (39–84)
  • There were 62 responding units in total. Five sites selected “other” and reported standardized protocols such as mandated reporting, family involvement in assessments, NOWS assessments on the infant’s schedule, parent information, prenatal consults, discharge planning, and a program to influence staff attitudes.

  • a P < .05; Fisher’s exact test was used to compare the percentage of NICUs that responded affirmatively to each question with the percentage of non-ICUs that responded affirmatively to each question.