Reduction in Pharmacotherapy Rates for NAS by Described Alterations in Treatment

Author, YearMethod AppliedPremethod Incidence, %aPostmethod Incidence, %
Grossman et al,6 2017ESC plus other interventions9814
Wachman et al,7 2018ESC plus other interventions8740
Welle-Strand et al,20 2013Breastfeeding8054
McKnight et al,21 2016Rooming-in8315
McCarthy et al,22 2015Maternal methadone split dosing(60–80; undefined)29
Wiegand et al,23 2015Maternal medication (methadone versus buprenorphine-naloxone)5225
Kelty and Hulse,24 2017Maternal medication (methadone versus naltrexone)428
  • a Of infants prenatally exposed to opioids requiring pharmacotherapy for NAS.