QoL of Children in MFC (ITQOL-SF47 Questionnaire)

ITQOL-SF47 QuestionnaireaNormative Valuesb
DomainMFC Cohort, n = 9, Median (Range)Age 2–71 mo, n = 1468, Median (Range)≥2 Chronic Conditionsc, n = 102, Median (Range)
Physical abilities70 (3–93)100 (0–100)100 (0–100)
Growth and development80 (35–100)100 (0–100)95 (35–100)
Bodily pain or discomfort62 (25–100)87.5 (0–100)75 (25–100)
Temperament and moods77 (62–95)83.3 (25–100)83.3 (25–100)
Combined behavior62 (37–85)80 (20.8–100)65.4 (20.8–97.9)
General health perceptions35 (12–75)79.2 (22.5–100)64.2 (30.8–97.5)
Change in health over previous yeard4 (3–5)
  • —, not applicable.

  • a The domain standardized scores range from 0 to 100, with a lower score being more impaired in that domain.

  • b ITQOL-SF47 normative values for the general US population age 2 to 71 mo and subgroup with ≥2 chronic conditions were provided by HealthActCHQ, Inc.24

  • c Per HealthActCHQ US-based norms guide, parents were asked to report whether a doctor, nurse, or other health professional had indicated their infant or toddler had any of 13 chronic conditions: attention or executive functioning problems, autism spectrum disorder, chronic bone (eg, juvenile idiopathic arthritis), chronic respiratory, cardiovascular, developmental delay, diabetes, hearing or vision problems, metabolism disorder, neuromotor, neuropsychological, seizure, or other chronic condition.24

  • d Change in health over last 12 mo is scored 1 to 5, with 1 representing worsening health in the past year and 5 representing improvement in health in the past year. If a child was not in MFC for 12 mo, then responses reflect change in health since entering MFC placement.