Survey Questions Used to Evaluate for a Discharge Medication–Related Failure

QuestionCategory of FailureDefinition of Incorrect Answer
Did you go home on any medications?Unaware prescription existsUnaware child was to continue taking medication after discharge
What medication was it?Unaware of name and/or classUnaware of or wrong medication name or class
Did you have any trouble getting it from the pharmacy?Pharmacy troubleDid not pick up medication or delay in obtaining medication
When did you start the medication?Wrong start timeMissed dose between discharge and when next dose was due
How much medication are you giving?Wrong doseUnaware of dose or reported dose differs by >10% of prescription29
How many times a day are you giving the medication?Wrong intervalUnaware of interval or reported interval does not match prescription
Was there ever a time you had to miss a dose?Missed dosesLess than 80% reported adherence to dosing regimen30
How long will you give the medication for?Wrong durationUnaware of total duration; stopping medication early, leading to <80% adherence30; or unaware that medication is chronic and has no end date
What are you watching for to know the medication is working?Unaware of desired effectsUnaware of child taking medication, never told why child is taking medication, or never told how to know child is improved
Are there any side effects of the medication you are looking for?Unaware of expected side effectsUnaware of or never told about any side effects of medication