Contextual Factors Associated With Implementation of the EB-CPM in Clinical Practice

Variable LabelCorrelation CoefficientP
Inner setting
 Was senior administration supportive of physicians?0.54.00
 Did senior administration support the pediatric asthma EB-CPM activities?0.54.00
 Did senior administration support changes to improve quality of care?0.60<.001
 Was there effective communication between physician and nonphysician providers (eg, nurses, RTs, pharmacists)?0.70<.001
 Was there collaboration and/or cooperation between departments?0.60<.001
 Was there collaboration and/or cooperation between physicians and senior administration?0.58<.001
 Did the culture of your hospital support data-driven decision-making?0.59<.001
 Was there sufficient financial or personnel support to implement the changes?0.53.00
 Was there cooperation from other departments with your efforts to improve quality of care?0.64<.001
 Did your hospital experience with guidelines facilitate implementation of the asthma EB-CPM?0.54.00
Intervention characteristics
 Providers (physicians, nurses, and RTs) feel this EB-CPM is relevant to their daily practice.0.51<.001
 Did physicians believe that the pediatric asthma EB-CPM guidelines are applicable to their practice?0.50.01
Individuals targeted by the intervention
 Providers (physicians, nurses, and RTs) agree with this EB-CPM.0.63<.001
 Providers (physicians, nurses, and RTs) are knowledgeable about this EB-CPM.0.53<.001
 Did patient care providers (physicians, nurses, and RTs) consistently participate in activities to improve care quality?0.50.00
 How long have you been working at (or with) this hospital?−0.60.02
Implementation process
 Were your hospital’s asthma EB-CPM data distributed to all physicians?0.63.01
 How often were pediatric asthma EB-CPM data (or feedback data) distributed to physicians in your hospital?0.56.04
 Did teamwork exist at your hospital in implementing the EB-CPM?0.63.00
 Appropriate checkpoints and deadlines were established.0.58<.001
 Were changes intended to improve quality of care accomplished in a reasonable time frame?0.60<.001
 Was there an appropriate mix of expertise?0.54.03
 Was there an appropriate balance of input across professions?0.61.01