Perceived Facilitators of EB-CPM Implementation (Responses From Open-ended Questions)

Facilitators of EB-CPM ImplementationExample Quotes
Education and training to support CPM implementation“Education...ensuring all parties were not only aware but familiar with the CPM”
“Implementation using grand rounds to get things going. Updates in department meetings”
“Continued education on pediatric asthma and the CPM”
“We have tried to do a lot education on why we are doing what we are doing.”
Appropriate preparation and adequate supporting materials and/or resources“Having pre-made packets, we are able to see the paper work to be filled out. It also supplied you with a list of what to educate, so we were able to see what needed to be educated to educate patients and families.”
“Having written algorithms and other information about the steps available to providers.”
Teamwork and effective communication between staff“It was teamwork and better communication. Everyone worked together to implement the CPM.”
“Cooperation between nursing staff and physicians”
Clinical staff buy-in and commitment to the process“Care provider (physician, respiratory therapist and nurse) commitment to improving asthma care”;
“Buy in from all stakeholders.” “I think that getting the doctors to buy in to the asthma CPM.
Providing data feedback“On-going feedback with staff on our progress and implementation”
“Shared baseline and outcomes data”
“Importance of protocol with data collected from previous admits/patients”
“Dissemination of information at physician meetings and updates as to progress at physician meetings.”
Participation of care provider in the implementation process“The involvement of committed nurses, respiratory therapists and physicians.” “It was a methodical process that involved representatives from areas that care for asthma patients.”
“The respiratory therapy department was heavily invested in the success of the CPM. They were involved every step of the way, and were supportive of the efforts of the nursing staff, as well as helpful in teaching staff and patients/families.”
“Nurses and respiratory therapists made sure that everything was filled out.”
“The success of the CPM was made possible by respiratory therapy, nursing, and physicians.”
  • CPM, care process model.