Adjusted Association Between Social Disadvantage Scores and Caregiver-Reported Barriers to Care

Barriers to CarenSocial Disadvantage Score, β95% CIP
System barrier32191.661.02 to 2.30<.001
Skill barriers31433.823.22 to 4.43<.001
Cultural distance32211.751.36 to 2.15<.001
Marginalization barriers3103.710.30 to 1.11.001
System distrust3137−.33−0.43 to −0.23<.001
Expectation barriers3121.02−0.43 to 0.47.91
Knowledge barriers3196.23−0.16 to 0.63.24
Health care self-efficacy3052−.12−0.25 to 0.01.06
Distrust of providers1489−.15−0.3 3 to 0.02.09
  • Adjusted for medical complexity and child age and clustered on patient.