Percentage of Patients Screened by Diagnosis

DiagnosisICD-9 and ICD-10 CodesNo. Patients ScreenedTotal No. Patients AdmittedPercent
All mood disorders296× and F30-F391159310737.3
Bacterial pneumonia unspecified482× and J15×42261.77
Asthma493× and J45×412540.32
Skin and subcutaneous tissue infections681×, 682×, 686×, and L00×0845020.80
Unspecified fetal and neonatal jaundice774× and P59×37070.42
Single liveborn in hospital delivered without cesareanV30.00 and Z38.001823 8420.08
Single liveborn in hospital delivered by cesareanV30.01 and Z38.01497610.04
Bronchiolitis466× and J21×010460
Viral pneumonia unspecified480× and J12×02120
  • An “×” symbol after the ICD-9 or ICD-10 code indicates the inclusion of all etiologies, manifestations, and severity with respect to that code.